Grid | power V L, bloc

Grid | power V L (OPzS series), batteries are maintenance-free, vented lead 2 V cells of conventional technology with free electrolyte or as 6 V/12 V blocks. OPzS batteries are among the longest-lasting lead-acid batteries and are reliable long-life power suppliers with the highest level of reliability for mission-critical applications.

Vented lead acid batteries consist of positive tube plates and negative grid plates. Thanks to their structure, they offer an extremely long service life. This is achieved by protecting the active material through woven polyester tubes. They are therefore ideal for use in areas with high cyclic and capacitive loads, such as power supply systems, telecommunications equipment or long load times (1 h to 10 h) for security lighting.

  • Available in 2 V, block 6 V and 12 V variants
  • Very long service life
  • Proven tubular plate technology ensures the best cycle stability and thus the highest operational reliability.
  • The battery is very robust in the event of a deep discharge with a small current, which allows for very long autonomy times

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