About us

We operate as a company in the field of service provision and trade in the sector of telecommunication technologies, station accumulators, electrical equipment, control technology, power supply, backup power supply and optical networks.

The company was founded in 2002 with the participation of a foreign business partner.

In the beginning, we were dedicated to battery preventive maintenance, service and trade in the field of station accumulators.

In cooperation with the support of a foreign partner, we expanded our activities to include other business subjects in the field of telecommunications equipment and technologies.

We provide comprehensive solutions, customer service, from project development, material delivery, construction and assembly activities to technology commissioning.

We carry out business activities throughout the territory of the Slovak and Czech Republics.

The purpose of the company is to build long-term, correct, confidential relations with customers, primarily focused on the quality and professionalism of the services provided and mutual satisfaction in the partner business relationship.

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