Grid | power V M

Grid | power V M (OSP.HC / OSP.HB) are lead-acid batteries with free electrolyte that have been developed for critical and safety-critical applications. In applications such as power supply or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This product can also deliver a very large amount of power within 1min-5h due to the high current compatible grid design. In addition, Hoppecke will provide you with a custom-made battery rack for your critical application. Take advantage of Hoppecke's know-how in this area and ensure that there is no risk in the energy supply. In addition, the very high capacity density of the product can save you a lot of money and space. DIN compatible batteries are transparent (easy maintenance) and easy to replace as they fit into standard DIN cabinets. With IEEE and KTA approvals available, customers use and appreciate this proven product.

  • Available in 2 V and 6 V variants
  • High current capability - low investment costs thanks to the innovative structure of the electrodes
  • Long service life - thanks to double separation
  • Hoppecke SST Terminal Design - Compliant Plastic Molded Terminals for IEEE 450 Testing
  • External isolated inter-cell connector - individual voltage testing of individual cells of the block
  • Extreme extension of the water refill interval to virtually maintenance-free - optional use of AquaGen. The recombination system minimizes gas and aerosol emissions

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