Grid | power VR L, bloc

Grid | power VR L batteries are valve-regulated lead batteries. The series has a high level of reliability thanks to the proven construction of positive tube electrodes and electrolyte fixed in gels. The high standard of product quality is always visible to the user thanks to the thoughtful use of molded plastics and stainless battery clamps.

The characteristic feature of this series is excellent lifetime in trickle charge mode as well as good cyclic properties. It also offers the possibility of horizontal use, which contributes to flexibility in limited spaces and also opens up a wide range of battery usage possibilities.

Ideal for use in telecommunications, power generation and distribution and emergency lighting systems.

  • Available in 2 V, OPzV block 6 V and 12 V variants
  • Maintenance-free when it comes to topping up water - thanks to innovative gel technology
  • Very long service life - thanks to the optimized alloy of lead and calcium
  • Very high cycle stability - thanks to the tubular design of the plates
  • Maximum compatibility - design according to DIN 40742
  • Optimal use of space - due to the possibility of horizontal placement
  • Increased short-circuit protection already during assembly - thanks to the use of Hoppecke system connectors

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