Grid | power VR X & VRX-FT

Batteries Hoppecke grid | power VR X is another AGM product in ESS technology introduced by Hoppecke in 2011 with the aim of increasing energy density and performance.

This was achieved without sacrificing durability by using thinner electrodes in conjunction with a more noble grid material and an innovative electrode design. For the same cell volume, thinner electrodes promote charge carrier exchange, reduce internal resistance, and improve high current capability, ultimately benefiting energy efficiency.

An increase in energy density of up to 15% and power density of 2% impressively confirms the performance increase of this series, which also excels in high cycle life.

Available with both top and front terminals, it is the preferred and proven product in both UPS and telecommunications applications.

  • Available in 12 V variant
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Fast charging option
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Simple assembly

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