Grid | Xtreme VR

Batteries Grid | Xtreme VR are high performance pure lead AGM (HPPL) batteries. They represent the highest level of development of current lead storage technologies. They have been developed to meet customer demands for increased performance and durability, as well as for use at elevated temperatures. Thanks to its construction in the top or front terminal version, it is optimally suited as a UPS battery in data centers and as a backup battery in telecommunications applications.

The basis of HPPL technology is to maximize the number of installed electrodes and the resulting larger electrochemical reaction surface, resulting in greater energy and power density for lead storage technologies. When developing the Xtreme VR series, the first priority was to redesign and optimize all components in order to take full advantage of the performance gain of pure lead technology. This redefined the standard for maintenance-free sealed batteries (VRLA).

  • Available in 12 V variant
  • High performance and energy density
  • Lower costs (energy efficiency, maintenance, space utilization)
  • Optimal use of space - due to the possibility of horizontal placement, with the upper or front terminal
  • Application at higher temperatures, which can reduce the cost of climate infrastructure
  • Simple assembly and installation - battery cover with integrated handles

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